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I thought you might be bored reading lots of resumes, so I thought we could do a little show and tell.




I'm an ad agency experienced creative with professional experience in graphic design and art direction, campaigns and branding, copywriting, and motion graphics and video editing for socials. My job as a creative has always been to be adaptable, so I'm always up for a challenge of learning new things. I've also been working as a jack-of-all-trades graphic freelancer for the last 3 years, and have a strong grasp of deadlines, self project managing, and estimating timelines. I am able to complete projects autonomously too. As an added bonus, I've also done several years of screen acting training through NIDA, Brave Studios, and Hollywood Actor Labs in Melbourne, so I am comfortable presenting in front of the camera.

Aside from all that, I'm also experienced in video editing, custom graphic creation, motion graphics and have a very, very long history of arts and crafts.



As mentioned above, I am an ad agency experienced creative with a background in many different projects for various industries (you can see some of them in my folio). I hold a Bachelor of Communications from RMIT University. I started my career as a graphic designer and junior Art Director in the ad industry, working on brands and campaigns from napkin concept to pitch to completion. I was mentored by some verterans of the industry in design, story telling, and the art of selling your idea.

Since then, I've worked as a freelancer for a few years now and have learned many skills along the way. Of course, the professional offering of graphic design, motion graphics, and marketing and branding services is a given, but I've also learned how to project manage, self motivate, and importantly, accurately estimate timelines for projects. In my spare time, I've also undertaken a screenwriter's crash course through NIDA.

I've also got a background in retail, which has been useful at



As a kid, my mum was on to something when she gave me my very own 'useful box' full of scrap wrapping paper, pressed flowers from the garden, and random extras like straws and pompoms. She did it so I could play along while I watched Art Attack religiously after kinder. Ever since then, I've always had some kind of craft project brewing as a hobby. Working with my hands and learning something new has always been the thing that makes me tick, and, to this day, I still have a 'useful box'.

During lockdown, I taught myself to crochet and enjoyed learning more about yarn composition and quality from there (it was quite the rabbit hole, I must say). But, if I had to pick a favourite craft, I seem to always come back to painting. Canvas, fabbric, glass... It doesn't matter - I've probably already tried it.

In fairness, there probably isn't a single craft I wouldn't try at least once. I've begun learning more about polymer clay and die cut machines, and look forward to learning even more over the coming months.

My skills

Some of my crafts

Some motion graphics

Some editing work

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